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Working Papers

Optimal Timing for Screening Tests for Children with Reading Disabilities,

with E. Kaplan and E. Pinker. Draft to be posted soon.

– Accepted to the American Psychological Association Convention (APA '23)

– Accepted to the Cornell Young Researchers Workshop 2023 

Redesigning VolunteerMatch's Ranking Algorithm: Toward More Equitable Access to Volunteers,

with V. Manshadi, S. Rodilitz, and D. Saban. Major revision, Management Science. [SSRN]

[5 Minute Video]

– Honorable Mention for Doing Good with Good OR Student Paper Competition 2023

– Winner of Public Sector Operations Research Best Video Award 2023 [Link to Video]

– Accepted to the 8th Marketplace Innovation Workshop (MIW '23)

Online Algorithms for Matching Platforms with Multi-Channel Traffic,
with V. Manshadi, S. Rodilitz, and D. Saban. Submitted. Minor revision, Management Science [

– Accepted to the 23rd ACM Conference on Economics & Computation (EC '22)

– Accepted to the 2nd ACM Conference on Equity and Access in Algorithms, Mechanisms, and Optimization (EAAMO '22)

– Accepted to the 7th Marketplace Innovation Workshop (MIW '22)

Media: [UCLA Anderson Review]

Previous Publications

A Catalog of Low-Mass Star-Forming Cores Observed with SHARC-II at 350 Microns,

with M. Dunham, H. Arce, N.J. Evans, T.I. Bourke, M. Merello, and J. Wu. Accepted. Astronomical Journal (2016) [pdf]

Cyclic Evolution of Coronal Fields from a Coupled Dynamo Potential-Field Source-Surface Model, 

with M. Dikpati and J. Burkepile, Accepted, Solar Physics (2015) [pdf]

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